"EuroDisc", the European Disc Sports Mailing List

The disc sports mailing list "EuroDisc" was set up in December 1994. Its main goal is to provide a forum specifically for European disc sports topics and to enhance communication among European disc players.

All players worldwide who are interested in the European side of disc sports are invited to subscribe and participate.

To subscribe either

  • send mail to "" with "subscribe" as the first line in the message
  • if your web browser is configured to handle "mailto"-tags simply click here and press the "Send" button
  • go through this web page:

    You will then receive an email with the request to confirm your subscription. Confirmation is easily done by using the reply-function of your mail program.

    To post a message to the list you must be subscribed and you must use the address with which you are subscribed. Send your message to EuroDisc at
    If you are not a subscriber you may still send your message but it will get held until the EuroDisc administrator has the time to forward it manually.

    You can unsubscribe either

  • by sending an email to "" with "unsubscribe <password>" as the first line in the message
  • or through the membership management web page
    To unsubscribe you need a password. This password is sent to you when you subscribe. You may also have the password sent to you at any time through the membership management web page (see the bottom of the page).

    You can also change your subscription options, e.g. if you wish to receive EuroDisc mails in digest form. Managing your subscription is either done through sending commands to or more comfortably through the membership management web page

    More information

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send mail to the list owner.

    Current subscriber statistics for EuroDisc (as of 02.01.2012)

    There are 1042 subscribers on the mailing list with the following distribution of top level domains:

    Thomas Griesbaum,